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About us

    The company was established in 1985 with three partners and only one employee. Today we are proud to serve you with over 40 employees, a fleet of 8 buses and minibuses and a unique hotel in Sinai with a private beach. The main office is in Cairo and we have an office in Luxor and one in Aswan to serve you better.

    Besides our classical programs, we offer you a tailored program suiting your time and adjusted to your requests. To know more about that, please click on “Egypt à la carte”.

    We are committed to provide you with the best service during your stay in Egypt offering you allotment of rooms in major hotels, cabins in the Nile cruises, teams of professional Egyptologist guides, luxurious means of transportation, a variety of sports activities and a wide range of restaurants. We guarantee you an unforgettable trip.