Travel Tips
  Visas, Passport Information:  

Travelers must have a passport valid for at least six months. Tourist visas can be obtained through us upon your arrival at the airport for tourists coming from: Western Europe, USA and Canada. For other nationalities, tourists must obtain their visas in advance from the Egyptian consulate in their countries. Please contact us for more information

  Practical Arabic words:  

The following are some Arabic words that you can use during your Egypt tour

  • Ahlan wa sahlan (Welcome)
  • Shokran (Thank You)
  • Sabah el kher (Good Morning)
  • Ezayak (how are you?)
  • Baksheesh (Tips)
  • Ma`a el salama (Good Bye)
  • Bokra (Tomorrow)
  • Feloos (Money)
  • Inshalla (if GOD wills)
  • Ma'alesh (Never Mind)
  • Shay (Tea)
  • Ahwa (Coffee)
  • Laban (Milk)
  • Sukar (sugar)
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